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Why Was Biodyne Removed from Preparation H?

Why Was Biodyne Removed from Preparation H?

Preparation H has been a well-known topical application cream for the relief of hemorrhoids for decades, but since 1995 the product that is sold in Canada is different from the one sold in America. The difference is specifically in the ingredient makeup of the product, but this difference doesn’t mean that one or the other is any more effective – for treating hemorrhoids, at least.

Where we’re going with this is that in 1995 the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) ruled that 2 of the active ingredients in Preparation H could no longer be included in the formula. Those 2 ingredients were Biodyne and Shark Liver Oil. It’s not difficult to understand that ethical conservation concerns would be the reasoning behind banning the inclusion of shark liver oil. However, why was Biodyne removed from Preparation H is definitely a question worth asking.

To answer that, we’ll start by defining what exactly Biodyne is, and for what reason it made Preparation H with Biodyne so popular as an alternative to expensive skincare eye creams. While we only recommend using Preparation H as labeled, some people do use it for other purposes and are pleased with the results.

Bad Rep for Biodyne?

Biodyne is a live yeast culture derivative, which should put to rest any suspicion of it being a harmful chemical. So why was Biodyne removed from Preparation then? Well, start by keeping in mind that we’re going back more than 20 years here. That’s when the US FDA began undertaking a massive review of the safety and effectiveness of all non-prescription drugs in 1972, and Preparation H would come under their scrutiny in the 1990s.

One of the issues the FDA was taking aim at was identifying ingredients that manufacturers were adding that did nothing to enhance their effectiveness of the product, but justified increasing the cost of it. Biodyne was one such ingredient. The makers of Preparation H (Wyeth, which became part of drug giant Pfizer in 2009) insisted that the value of Biodyne in their formulation was that it promoted quicker and more thorough healing of broken blood vessels caused by hemorrhoids.

At this point, the usefulness of Biodyne in reducing wrinkles and improving skin appearance wasn’t even being considered, even though increasing numbers of people were using Preparation H for that purpose. Preparation H was being marketed for hemorrhoid relief, and the FDA was evaluating its ingredients based on that product application exclusively.

Why was Biodyne removed from Preparation H? It was removed because the US FDA claimed that there was no proven effectiveness for it contributing to relief from hemorrhoids, despite the people at Wyeth insisting otherwise. The FDA concluded that it met their criteria of an ingredient being included in a non-prescription drug that did not contribute to the effectiveness of the drug but legitimized the producer raising the price of it.

That’s the long and short of why Biodyne was removed from Preparation H. With that explanation out of the way, let’s now have a look at what we alluded to in the first paragraph – that there’s a difference between Canadian Preparation H and American Preparation H

Different Countries, Different Products

Men and women left in the lurch regarding an explanation as to why Biodyne was removed from Preparation H may not have needed an answer once they read what we’re about to share with you now.

Canada’s version of our FDA, Health Canada, has never made the same stipulation that the FDA did regarding the use of Biodyne in Preparation in H (or shark liver oil, for that matter). As a result, a different formulation of Preparation H continues to be sold in Canada and – you guessed it – it’s the same formula that used to be sold in the US before the mid-90s. This Prep H is still available in Canada, and you can order Preparation H with Biodyne online from Canada from and use it to improve the appearance of your skin if that’s what you’d like to do with it.

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