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Question: What is Preparation H used for?

Preparation H for Puffy Eyes Suppository for Hemorrhoid Prep H for wrinkles Answer: It is a product made by Pfizer and the company warns that Preparation H used for purposes other than indicated on the label (hemorrhoid treatment) are not recommended.

Prep H works by reducing inflammation in blood vessels and temporarily shrinking hemorrhoid tissue. The topical treatment relieves pain, soreness, itching, burning, and irritation of the skin.

The product line includes a cream, gel, wipe, and suppository for hemorrhoids.

Online user reviews indicate that people also use Preparation H for puffy eyes and dark circles. Although this is not an official benefit, there are lots of blogs and articles that discuss Preparation H for puffy eyes.

Similarly, there are also reports of people using prep h for wrinkles. By using ingredients that reduce inflammation in blood vessels, this theory could be true. However the company does not promote prep h for wrinkles. It is mainly a hot topic amongst user reviews. The same can be said for acne treatment and face moisturizer.

Prep h comes in many forms and each one is useful in different ways. For example, the cream for facial applications, ointment for dry skin, and suppository for hemorrhoids.

However, you must always avoid contact with your eyes because side effects can be very damaging and painful.

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