Preparation H with Bio-Dyne from Canada

Get Rid of Wrinkles and Puffy Eyes by Following Sandra Bullock's Beauty Secret

Sandra Bullock - Preparation H for Face Beauty Secret

From Sandra Bullock to Kim Kardashian, everyone in the makeup world has been obsessed with Preparation H. Mario Dedivanovic, the renowned makeup artist of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, held a makeup class last year in New York.

In this makeup class, he ended up discussing everything from the basic foundation applying technique to preventing smudges, and he offered his best beauty advice during this class. The most surprising trick and advice that Mario Dedivanovic gave to his attendees was his recommendation of using Preparation H for under-eye wrinkles.

The original Preparation H with Bio-Dyne is available only from Canada and can be ordered online here.

You may be wondering, What is Preparation H? Well, Preparation H is a hemorrhoid cream. Yes, you read that right! Mario claimed that this hemorrhoid cream is the easiest solution to hiding under eye wrinkles and saggy eyes. He used the cream before he applies concealer and this cream helps in tightening the skin. 

Nowadays, using Preparation H for face has become increasingly common, and many women claim to have come up with astounding results. You may have never imagined using hemorrhoid cream on your face; however, this particular trick does work in helping to prevent signs of aging.

How does Prep H work?

Prep H is a medication that you can easily get from your nearest pharmacy or order it online. This particular cream can not only help treat hemorrhoids but also helps in combating swollen and puffy eyes as well as wrinkles or any other signs of aging.

You may be wondering, how is this possible?

Well, this is possible because Prep H contains two most important ingredients; shark liver oil and Bio-Dyne also known as live yeast cell derivative. This Bio-Dyne acts as a vasoconstrictor drug and helps in constricting the blood vessels around your eyes, thus reducing redness.

The astringent in this cream, Bio-Dyne help in constricting the blood tissues which, in turn, reduces inflammation and swelling and makes the area you apply the medicine on, less noticeable. This cream also helps in reducing red spots that can be caused by blemishes on your skin. This cream also contains witch hazel extract and zinc oxide; these two ingredients along with Bio-Dyne make this cream a perfect choice for beauticians.

Bio-Dyne is the reason most women, actresses, and models have used this hemorrhoid cream and shown great results so far. Prep H also helps to force excess water to leave our face and skin and this, in turn, leaves our skin feeling soft and supple.

When talking about this cream for wrinkles, eyes or even the face, the reality is that it works. It works like it is supposed to and helps in shrinking veins in any area it has been applied on to.

How to apply Prep H like Sandra Bullock?

It is necessary to use Preparation H for face very carefully. Since this cream is originally used for the area around the rectum, you need to be careful when applying this cream on your face. Primarily, you should make sure that you avoid any contact with your eyes. If this cream does get in your eye, make sure to wash it as it may burn.

Now, to apply Preparation H for face, you need to be careful and follow all the steps mentioned below. Also, keep in mind that if you have delicate or sensitive skin, then ask your doctor before using this cream on your face to avoid any reaction.

What you'll need:

  1. Warm water
  2. Cleanser
  3. Washcloth
  4. Dry towel
  5. Preparation H
  6. Cotton swab

What to do:

  • Step 1

Make sure to wash your face using a mild cleanser along with warm water. Do not dry your face by rubbing a towel. Instead, pat the region.

  • Step 2

Take Preparation H and apply a small amount of this cream on the tip of your finger or a cotton swab. Make sure that you use as little product as you can if you are using it for the first time to see if this cream causes any bad reaction to your skin.

  • Step 3

Now, dab the cream on the red area of your skin and let it sit. Use your pinky finger to gently massage the area until it is absorbed completely by the skin. During daytime, you can also rub the cream inside your skin to make sure it dissolves completely.

  • Step 4

Now, wash the area thoroughly using a disinfected soap to remove any bacteria that might have come onto your finger from the reddened area and also to remove the cream from your hands. This is extremely important if you are treating an infected area or simple acne.

The original Preparation H with Bio-Dyne is available only from Canada and can be ordered online here.

What does Preparation H help in treating?

Prep H is an ideal cream for women because it helps in curing many facial problems very easily without any cosmetic procedures.

This cream helps in fixing drooping skin, and all you have to do to get rid of this is to apply this cream overnight around your sagging skin. This cream will help pull your skin may and also shrunk down your pores, giving you healthier looking skin.

As mentioned above, this cream helps in fighting wrinkles and puffy eyes as well, and it also deals with dark circles. You can read more about this cream here.

Wrapping it up

LYCD present in this cream helps in wound healing and treating dry, cracked and irritated skin. The ingredient Bio-Dyne, present in this cream is what encouraged models and actresses to get rid of their squeamishness and use this cream on their faces. Even though this cream is not a cosmetic product and doesn’t even look like it, this cream works, and that’s what really counts. 

So grab Preparation H with Bio-Dyne and start treating your skin to make it look young and wrinkle free!