The Incredible Preparation-H with Bio Dyne

Prep H with Biodyne from Canada

The Effectiveness of Using Preparation H with Biodyne for Wrinkles

Preparation H with Biodyne for Wrinkles

Beauty secrets certainly aren’t few and far between, and nearly every woman has one that’s been passed onto her and she’s embraced. They all have to start somewhere; at some point someone put two thin slices of cucumber over their eyes for the first time. Some beauty secrets are more a repurposing of an existing product or substance after it’s discovered to have another beneficial application. That’s what we’re going to discuss here today, and specifically the use of Preparation H with Biodyne for wrinkles.

Preparation H, you say? Isn’t that hemorrhoid cream? Yes, it is. Relief from hemorrhoids is what most people would correctly associate with the use of Preparation H. So what’s the connection between a cream for hemorrhoids and reducing wrinkles? Well, that has to do with the Preparation H active ingredient specified above – Biodyne. Biodyne is a live yeast culture derivative that’s incorporated into some Preparation H, but not all of it.

What do you mean some of it, and not all of it? Let us explain, but mention first that while we only recommend using Preparation H as labeled, some people do use it for other purposes and are pleased with the results.

Canadian Preparation H / American Preparation H

It’s been a good long time since women discovered that they could use Preparation H with Biodyne for wrinkles reduction. Biodyne is the ingredient that works to improve skin appearance and texture. However, the reason it was incorporated into the formula for many years was because the manufacturer saw it as being helpful in promoting more effective healing broken blood vessels resulting from hemorrhoids.

That Biodyne turned out to be a skin improvement agent was just a fortuitous coincidence, but once women discovered it many started ordering Preparation H with no intention of using it for hemorrhoids at all. The entirety of each tube was for reducing the appearance of wrinkles on their face, and that was perfectly fine. Consumers are free to use their purchased products as they see fit.

However, in 1995 the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) prohibited Biodyne from being included in Preparation H’s ingredients, stating that there was no proof that it contributed to the effectiveness of the product. The reason for that is somewhat detailed and we won’t get into that here, but the long and short of it is since then American Preparation H doesn’t include Biodyne, and uses phenylephrine instead.

Phenylephrine does nothing to improve the appearance and texture of skin like Biodyne does. So it was, however, that women and men who wanted to continue using Prep H for cosmetic purposes weren’t entirely out of luck. That’s because Preparation H with Biodyne for wrinkles was – and still is – available from Canada. Health Canada has not prohibited Biodyne from being included in the formula, and you can order Preparation H with Biodyne from Canada from and enjoy all the skin rejuvenating benefits of the original formula now known as Canadian Preparation H.

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