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Prep H with Biodyne from Canada

Question: What are Preparation H Active Ingredients?

Preparation H Active Ingredients

Answer: Preparation H has always been the product that nearly everybody associates with relief from hemorrhoids. Likely many of you have never had a need to use it, but if you have then you’ll know just how much of a help it can be.

You will probably be surprised to learn, however, that some people have also been applying Preparation H to their face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and tighten the skin under the eyes. In fact, using Preparation H for wrinkles has been quite the beauty secret in the US for some time now.

The reason for this is because up until recently the primary Preparation H active ingredient was something called Biodyne, which is also known as LYCD (live yeast cell derivative).

It was a part of what made Prep H effective for treating hemorrhoids, but at some point someone found that is was also effective for reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles. The effectiveness of the Preparation H active ingredient for improving skin around the eyes became common knowledge for many.

It just so happens that combatting smile lines and crow’s feet, and tightening skin around eyes is one of the main aims of men and women trying to maintain a youthful appearance as they age.

As such, many started to use Preparation H for this different purpose. Live yeast cell derivative – Biodyne - is a protein fraction containing a mix of several peptides and was originally researched for its ability to promote better healing of skin wounds.

While we only recommend using Preparation H as labeled, some people do use it for other purposes and are pleased with the results.

Different Products for USA and Canada

Among the different ingredients in Preparation H, biodyne and shark liver oil were the two that gave it secondary skin regeneration properties to go along with the primary ones reducing hemorrhoids.

Preparation H was available in its classic formula containing each of them for many years, but in 1995 the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) stipulated that Preparation H had to be reformulated to not include Biodyne or shark liver oil. Preparation H in the US now has phenylephrine replacing Biodyne as the active ingredient in Preparation H.

Phenylephrine is a drug that constricts blood vessels, and while restricting blood flow does inhibit the growth of hemorrhoids it does nothing for wrinkles and saggy skin like Biodyne did when it was a part of Preparation H active ingredients. The FDA’s reason for their wanting to see the use of shark liver oil discontinued is easy to understand, but why they decided that Biodyne would need to be cut out as well is less clear.

However, the FDA’s similar body in Canada, Health Canada, did not oppose the continued use of Biodyne as one of the Preparation H active ingredients. Men and women who used to purchase Preparation H for reducing wrinkles can still order Preparation H with Biodyne online from Canada from, with the absolute best prices on it.

Do note that using Preparation H to improve skin texture is not a recommended application of the product, despite the fact that it is renowned to be very effective for this purpose. Biodyne, the preparation H active ingredient responsible for the skin improvement benefits, is still a part of the Preparation H product manufactured for the Canadian market. Fortunately for those in America, however, Canadian Preparation H can be ordered online and delivered right to your door.

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