Preparation H with Bio-Dyne from Canada

Kim Kardashian's Rather Surprising Beauty Secret

Kim Kardashian's Rather Surprising Beauty Secret

In our culture here in North America you won't get a better endorsement of a product if it becomes public knowledge that a celebrity is using it. Kim Kardashian is arguably the biggest reality TV star in the world, and having her promote a product to any of her hundreds of thousands of social media followers is a HUGE boost for that product.

What we're going to discuss here isn't something that she'll likely share with her flock, but it's an interesting product use nonetheless and involves a rather surprising repurposing of one.

The original Preparation H with Bio-Dyne is available only from Canada and can be ordered online here.

Do some digging on Kim Kardashian’s beauty secrets and you’ll likely find absolutely no mention of Preparation H anywhere. Some of you may not even know what Preparation H is. It’s a medicated cream used for the relief of hemorrhoids. For those of you who don’t know what hemorrhoids are, we’re going to insist that you look that up on your own.

Let’s start by being perfectly clear that Kim Kardashian does NOT use Preparation H for its intended therapeutic purpose. As stated, what she does with Preparation H is a repurposing, so what exactly is she doing with Prep H that makes it categorizable as a beauty secret?

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Kim’s Wrinkle Reducer Cream of Choice?

Kim Kardashian’s well-renowned makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, recently made it know during a makeup demo with Kim in NYC that one of the things she does is apply Preparation H to her face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase the smoothness of her facial skin overall. That’s how the entirety of each tube of this cream is used, but what needs to be noted here is that this isn’t ‘American’ Preparation H she’s using.

Using Preparation H to reduce wrinkles and improve skin is effective, but only if you use Canadian Preparation H with Biodyne.

What is Biodyne?

Well, Biodyne is one of the Preparation H active ingredients that is only included in batches of medication that are prepared for sale in Canada. The reason why Biodyne isn’t included in American Preparation H is because in the mid-90s the US FDA deemed it to be an ingredient that did nothing to enhance the effectiveness of the product as designated for use and likely only justified the manufacturer charging more for it.

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Word’s Definitely Out Now – Canadian Prep H is Also a Beauty Cream

Whether or not the FDA’s stance on this all was legit isn’t known, but all that you need to know is that American Preparation H does not include Biodyne, and Biodyne is the active ingredient in Canadian Preparation H. Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic are just like anyone else in the fact they can get Canadian Preparation H online from Canada and then use it however they see fits – which is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the overall look of her skin.

She’s not the first to discover the way you can use Preparation H to erase wrinkles. It’s been a popular beauty and anti-aging secret for both men and women in Hollywood for years, and been adopted by everyday people all across the country too. It’s just that – quite obviously – none of them attract the same level of attention that Ms. Kardashian does!

The original Preparation H with Bio-Dyne is available only from Canada and can be ordered online here.

Try and See for Yourself

So you might be asking – ‘is it possible that an inexpensive cream for hemorrhoid relief can really work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles?’ Well, even if you’re not a devoted follower of 21st century reality TV stars or familiar with Mario Dedivanovic we’ll say there’s enough smoke here to suggest there’s a fire. With the fact you can order Canada Preparation H online from at such affordable prices and have it delivered right to your home, why not try it out for yourself and see if this medicated cream that’s been around for decades really is an alternative beauty cream for wrinkles.