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Question: Does Preparation H work?

Does Preparation H Work?

Answer: Preparation H is one of the world's best-selling haemorrhoid treatments. It is a product made by Pfizer, which is a well-known and trusted brand in the medical industry. Pfizers products are heavily regulated, therefore Prep H likely works at relieving the symptoms it claims.

There are lots of user reviews online that stand behind Prep H products as well. One on a popular Prep H distributor site, Canada Pharmacy, states that "the products do work well to reduce burning, itching, and swelling skin." There are thousands of product reviews available online to determine an answer to the question: does Preparation H work.

Although it's not promoted by the company, user reviews online also indicate that people use Preparation H for under eyes and for other facial applications. They say using Preparation H for under eyes reduces puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles. In addition, some users claim it reduces acne.

Although these statements are not backed by Pfizer, they do make sense because Prep H works by reducing inflammation in blood vessels. The ingredients used, like Biodyne, are commonly associated with skin tightening treatments, helping to remove puffy eyes and wrinkles.

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