The Incredible Preparation-H with Bio Dyne

Preparation H with Biodyne from Canada

Canadian Label with Bio Dyne

Canadian Prep-H label with 1% Bio Dyne skin Respiratory Factor

Canadian Label For Preparation H With Bio Dyne

USA Label with no Bio- Dyne:
US Prep-H label with Phenylepherine HCL instead of Bio Dyne

USA Label For Preparation H without Biodyne

Preparation-H, Prep-H, and Prep H are names for that most familiar of all hemorrhoid products. Besides hemorrhoids Prep-H has a well deserved reputation tightening eye bags and for aiding in the healing of dry, cracked and irritated skin. This wisdom of the generations has withstood the test of time. More recently Women who used the product are now finding that the cosmetic benefits of Prep-H are not as powerful their mother used get.

Only in Canada eh! That's right, the original Preparation H with Bio Dyne is available from Canada and can be ordered online here.

This whole story is about how you need to buy Prep-H from Canada in order to get the true old time proven for generations' formula. You can order now and get the job done. We guarantee that your Prep_H will contain Biodyne. Order the cream for your face and the ointment for your butt itch & hemorrhoids.

We run and carry unique products from Canada that are hard to find elsewhere. We began to get telephone calls and orders from people who used to use Canadian Prep-H and then moved to the USA and noticed that the benefits were not what they were expecting. We sold them the Prep-H and began doing some research. We found some valuable information in a most useful book that we highly recommend The People's Pharmacy Guide to Home & Herbal Remedies by Joe Graedon .

'But it isn't what it used to be. For decades Prep H contained two natural ingredients, live yeast cell derivative (LYCD) and shark liver oil. No more.The Food and Drug Administration reviewed the ingredients of hundreds of over the counter medications. When they were done, a number of products were reformulated, and many others simply disappeared. Preparation H was one of those brands the FDA said had to be reformulated.'

'Forget the fact that millions of people loved it and made it the best selling hemorrhoidal product on the market. We used to make fun of shark liver oil and LYCD, but not anymore. We discovered data that suggested LYCD accelerated wound healing. People told us there was nothing better for their dry, cracked, irritated skin or their hemorrhoids. We received countless testimonials from folks who swore it was the only thing that relieved the itching of their surgical scars. Many women even used Prep H for wrinkles.'

'Now in the USA Prep-H contains an astringent called phenylepherine instead of Bio-Dyne. We wish the FDA had not meddled with a perfectly fine product. We have never been impressed with the notion of using a vasoconstrictor on hemorrhoids, though the FDA seems to think this makes sense. When phenylepherin wears off it causes rebound dilation and congestion.'

Looking at this scanned label comparison and you will find that indeed it is true that the USA Prep-H no longer contains the ingredient Bio-dyne whereas the Canadian formulation has never been changed.

The other names for Bio-Dyne are the Skin Respiratory Factor. This means that your skin is nourished with respiration of oxygen and other healing factors. The stuff is good and we can send it to your door with quick and confidential service by the USPS.

If you want the tried, true and original version of Prep-H that your granny used you will have to get it from Canada . That is why we started We know how many of you really have benefited from the original Prep-H. We know that millions are spent on new fangled skin products that have lots of fancy ingredients and cost a whole bundle. Canadian Prep-H has the fancy ingredient of Bio-Dyne. Not fancy but proven effective for face, hands, and butts nationwide.

Bio-dyne is an all natural live yeast cell extract that has been researched for its wound healing properties.

Only in Canada eh! That's right, the original product is available from Canada and can be ordered online.

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Here for your information is some information on hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are among the most common of health ailments, affecting approximately eight out of ten people throughout their lifetimes. Hemorrhoids (also called piles) are simply enlarged or varicose veins of the anus and rectum. There are two types of hemorrhoids - internal and external - that can occur separately or in combination. Hemorrhoids may have a genetic component, but they are most likely caused, and remedied by, such things as diet and toilet habits.

Internal hemorrhoids are often present without causing any discomfort or even awareness of their presence. Until they thrombose or bleed you may not know you have them. Internal hemorrhoids can prolapse (be pushed out) through the anus and this can be very painful.

External hemorrhoids develop under the skin just outside the opening of the anus. They are tender to the touch and are round and purple in colour.

While there is no conclusive evidence as to the specific cause of hemorrhoids, there is a long list of contributing factors. These include constipation, straining during a bowel movement, pregnancy, lifting heavy objects, prolonged sitting or standing, being overweight, and faulty diet. Downward pressure can cause the small veins around the anus and rectum to stretch. As the veins lose their elasticity and retain excess blood, they become more vulnerable to injury, possibly triggering bleeding, which is often the first indication of hemorrhoids.

Some people can have a single episode of hemorrhoids, and others are plagued by them all their lives. It is not uncommon for a woman to be bothered by hemorrhoids during pregnancy and/or delivery, and then have a resolution shortly after birth, never to have a problem again. People who sit or stand for extended periods on their jobs have a higher risk of developing hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are most common in the 25-54 age group.

While about half of hemorrhoid sufferers have a family history of the condition, diet may be responsible.

Only in Canada eh! That's right, the original Preparation H with Bio-Dyne is available from Canada and can be ordered online here.

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