The Incredible Preparation-H with Bio Dyne

Prep H with Biodyne from Canada

Affordable Anti-Wrinkle Cream Alternative: Canadian Preparation H with Biodyne

Canadian Preparation H with Biodyne

Beauty formulations from the big brand names had better meet consumer expectations for providing the results they claim to, especially considering the prices that come with them. Women who shell out the big bucks for an Olay, Lancome, Estee Lauder personal care product can and should expect them to be a quality product. These days it’s not only women who are looking to maintain good facial skin and a youthful appearance – men are increasingly taking an interest in this as well. Any beauty product that can be categorized as ‘anti-aging’ tend to have the biggest price tags attached to them.

That’s why any time an equally-effective yet more affordable alternative to mainstream beauty products pops up it’s eagerly embraced. Such was the case with Preparation H in America. Yes, you heard that right – the most commonplace topical cream for the treatment of hemorrhoids had a secondary identity as a beauty cream alternative here for many years. That secondary identity only applies to Canadian Preparation H with Biodyne now, but we’ll get to that shortly here.

To be specific, an ingredient in Preparation H – Biodyne – was found to have anti-wrinkle and fine line properties when applied to the skin. In a very short period of time word got out about how effective it was, and then ever greater numbers of women AND men began buying Preparation H with absolutely no intention of applying it ‘down there.’ Instead, the entirety of every tube was to be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Which, as it turned out, Preparation H with Biodyne did very well.

1995: End of Preparation H with Biodyne in USA

We discuss all of this in the past tense because in 1995 the US FDA stipulated that Wyeth – the manufacturer of Preparation H – could no longer include Biodyne in Preparation H. The reasoning for that was because it deemed that Biodyne had no direct correlation to the effectiveness of the product, a product that is for the treatment of hemorrhoids. And so it was that Preparation H sold in the USA after 1995 did not contain Biodyne.

Surely many people were disappointed with this ruling from the FDA, but most soon became aware of the fact that Preparation H prepared for sale in Canada still continued to use Biodyne as one of its active ingredients. Almost instantly there became a market for Canadian Preparation H with Biodyne in America. For more than 15 years not it’s been possible to order Canadian Preparation H with Biodyne and have it delivered to your home without any fuss.

Order Canadian Preparation H with Biodyne Online

It should be mentioned that we do not recommend using Preparation H for anything other than its labeled use for the treatment of hemorrhoids. However, if you continue to use Preparation H for wrinkles or general improvement of your skin and have not experienced any negative effects then you’re encouraged to order Canadian Preparation H with Biodyne online from to get the original Preparation H formula AND get it for the lowest price possible.

It’s great when more affordable beauty products are available for people, and we’re fortunate that original formula Preparation H can still be ordered and used by men or women in America who know that it will reduce the appearance of their wrinkles. Fortunately, it’s still made for the Canadian market and it just so happens we live right next door to them!

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