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Question: What is the Best eye cream for dark circles and bags?

Best eye cream for dark circles and bags

Aging is inevitable, and these days increasing numbers of men and women are being proactive in trying to reduce signs of aging seen in their facial skin. Dark circles and bags around the eyes are a common complaint, and what makes them somewhat unique is that they’re often the product of both aging and lifestyle factors. As it concerns lifestyle, insufficient or poor-quality sleep can contribute in a big way.

Applying creams or other topical solutions to the facial skin in hopes of remedying the condition is a standard approach. However, you may be surprised to learn of what many consider to be the best eye cream for dark circles and bags around eyes. Interested? Read on.

Benefits of Live Yeast Cell Extract

Some of the most common and popular creams for reducing dark circles around the eyes are Eyelastin by Dermagevity, Factor-A eyes by Jan Marini, and Shiseido’s White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment. These, and most other similar products, list Vitamin C and Retin-A as their primary ingredients. We won’t at all suggest that these products aren’t effective; they are very effective, but for most people they’re also very unaffordable.

What we’ll do now is introduce you to what many consider to be an equal when it comes to the best eye cream for dark circles and bags. Some of you may be surprised to hear that it’s Preparation H, the under-the-counter topical cream used to treat hemorrhoids. As odd as it might sound to you, you can use Preparation H to reduce wrinkles and improve skin around the eyes. However, since 1995 it’s not the type of Preparation H you can buy in America that’s effective for skincare and arguably the best eye cream for dark circles and bags.

Only Preparation H from Canada

We mention 1995 there because that’s the year when the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) prohibited the inclusion of 2 ingredients in Preparation H manufactured for sale in the USA. Those 2 ingredients were Biodyne and Shark Liver Oil. Biodyne is the one of interest for us here, because it’s the Preparation H active ingredient responsible for improving your facial skin by reducing wrinkles and eye bags.

While we only recommend using Preparation H as labeled, some people do use it for other purposes and are pleased with the results. Some in fact have indeed gone so far as to claim that it’s the best eye cream for dark circles and bags.

Biodyne is also known as LYCD – live yeast cell derivative – and why it was seen unfavorably by the FDA all those years ago remains unknown. But what we do know is that it is what makes Canadian Preparation H arguably the best eye cream for dark circles and bags.  

We say that because Preparation H from Canada still contains Biodyne, as Health Canada hasn’t prohibited it the way the USD FDA did more than 20 years. People in the US can order Preparation H with Biodyne from Canada from and then use it on their facial skin or elsewhere on the body where they want to see firmer, more youthful looking skin.

Try it for yourself, and if you find it’s very effective then you’re free to order Preparation H from Canada as often as you like.

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